Are you looking for the latest, most advanced dental treatment options? At Center City Dental Care, we offer Essix clear aligners to achieve minor tooth repositioning to those who want to improve their smile without dealing with the hassle of traditional braces. This system is ideal for correcting slight crowding and or spacing of the front teeth. While clunky brackets and wires were once necessary to effectively straighten teeth, today’s dental patients have access to a number of advanced, proven treatment options that deliver results time and time again.

Our team of dental professionals can help you determine if this type of orthodontic treatment is right for you. The Essix system gradually realigns teeth by using a series of clear inserts. Not only are these inserts nearly invisible, but they can be removed at the wearer’s convenience. As you can imagine, this is the best solution for those with slight alignment issues, and we’re proud to offer this affordable, proven treatment option to our patients.

At Center City Dental Care in Harrisburg, PA, Essix clear aligners are within reach. It’s time to see for yourself just how beneficial our clear braces can be. Our staff is here to help you achieve your oral health goals, and we even offer valuable financing options to help you pay for your treatment. To schedule a consultation, give us a call today!

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